2014 Graduation Sunday

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”

~ Aristotle

“The end of all education should surely be service to others.”

~ Cesar Chavez

On Sunday, June 29th, we celebrated our graduates. We proudly offer wishes of luck, happiness, success, and health in the next phase of education and life for those children we watched grow up in our church. This year, we celebrate the graduation of the following young people of our church family:

Our High School Graduates:

Renee Ebbs

Renee graduated from Albion Central School on June 27th and has been accepted to Genesee Community College to pursue studies in Veterinarian Technology. Renee is the daughter of Gail and Rick Ebbs.

Ryan Haight

Ryan also graduated from ACS on the 27th. Ryan will be going to Genesee Community College and then transferring to the University of Buffalo for a degree in Psychology. Ryan is the son of Linda Haight.

Chad Melancon

Chad also graduated from ACS. Chad’s future plans are undecided at this time. Chad is the son of Daniel and Sarah Melancon and the grandson of Judy and Don Manley.

Alexis Leccadone

Alexis graduated in June from Randolph Central School and will be attending Niagara University in the fall, majoring in English and Psychology. Alexis is the daughter of Rebecca Vincent Leccadone and granddaughter of Leslee and Doug Lockwood.

Our College Graduates:

Anatasia Langdon

Anatasia is a recent graduate of Medaille College in Buffalo with a degree in Psychology and is already employed in the work force out of state. Ana is the daughter of Michael and Cindy Langdon.

Our Kindergarten Graduates:

Lindsay Crawford

Lindsay just completed her kindergarten year in Albion Central School and will be moving on to the first grade in the fall. Lindsay is the daughter of Steve and Tiffany Crawford and the granddaughter of Don Seever.



Renee Ebbs and Lindsay Crawford were in attendance on Sunday. Pastor Jack congratulated and blessed them and gave them a gift from the church.






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