AFUMC Joyful Good Shepherd Ringers

Our very own Joyful Good Shepherd Ringers Hand Bell Choir was one of the local performers at the An Albion Family Christmas Concert event on Sunday, December 3, 2017. The event was a fundraiser for the Albion High School Alumni Foundation and is an annual concert featuring local talent ringing in the holiday season at the Albion First Presbyterian Church. For more information and photos of the event, click here!

Here are some photos taken of the Bell Choir in action at the concert:



Dedication of New Choir Robes

On Sunday, January 22, 2017, Pastor Linda Glantz performed the Order of Dedication For Choir Robes to bless and put into service our brand new robes. The choir is so happy to have new robes in a vibrant light gray with burgundy accents. Here are some photos from the service:


Organist and Choir Director, Marie Follett, playing the prelude.


Choir leading the congregation in the opening hymn – “Here I Am, Lord


Choir gathered for the Order of Dedication


Pastor Linda leading the Order of Dedication for Choir Robes


Our Pastor, Choir, and Choir Director

(l-r): Pastor Linda, Kim Pritt, Kae Wilbert, Cathy Moore, Wilma Richardson, Jack Richardson, Reid Cole, Terry Wilbert, and Marie Follett

Extra robes were also blessed and put into service to accommodate future additional choir members – anyone interested in joining our choir?


The choir singing our first anthem in the newly dedicated robes – an Acappella rendition of “Sing Out The News

A big THANK YOU to Melanie Norton for taking the photos for me! I rarely get photos of the choir because I can’t sing AND take photos at the same time….and, I really didn’t want to miss capturing this important event! Thanks so much, Melanie!

August 2016 Ladies Lunch – Adams Basin Inn

A wonderful group of ladies get together for lunch at¬†a different location on the second Tuesday of every month and usually like to venture out of town during the good weather months. This month, we had to change the week to be able to go to the Adams Basin Inn in Adams Basin near Spencerport – we went today – the first Tuesday of August. I had never been there before, but several of the ladies said they went some years ago and enjoyed it. Well, today didn’t disappoint! It was just lovely!

Adams Basin Inn is a wonderful B&B right on the canal in a historic building dating back to pre-canal years. In addition to being a B&B, they also cater to special occasions, like weddings and our ladies luncheon. Much of the home is still original or very well restored and has quite a colorful history. We were seated in the dining room after gathering in the parlor. Lunch consisted of chicken salad sandwiches with cranberries and walnuts, potato salad, and a green leafy salad with water or lemonade – very good! After we finished eating lunch, we were treated to a guided tour of the Inn, where we learned all about the history of the Inn and the canal and how it all evolved through the years to the present time. The house is full of wonderful original artifacts and vintage decor — just stunning! After the tour and history lesson, we returned to the dining room for a dessert of pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream…..YUM!!! Dessert was served up with LOTS of wonderful conversation and sharing of stories and memories. What a fabulous day it was!

I wish I hadn’t left my camera in my purse as we toured the Inn, but I did get some lovely shots of the grounds outside as we were leaving. Here are some photos that prove that perfect serenity and absolute peace do exist!

FUMC Ladies Lunch Group

Luckily, Betsy Kennedy got out her phone for a group photo and the owner offered to snap it so she could be in the photo, too!


080216_Beauty Beside The Canal At Adams Basin Inn


Can’t you just imagine yourself curled up on that porch with a good book watching the world go by on the canal?


Or, maybe on this comfy looking glider?


Or, how about on this wonderful gazebo?




Sue Baker_Sporty Momma

And, look who pulled up with the top down on her sports car and a super cute hat!!! Sue Baker – a real sporty momma! ūüôā

Next month is our annual trip to the Glen Iris at Letchworth for lunch! Oh, boy!

Mother’s Day Performance – May 8, 2016

During today’s Mother’s Day worship service, the Methodist Music Makers and the Youth Hand Bell Choir performed three wonderful songs for us! Great job by the youth of our congregation……we all enjoyed their music very much!

The Methodist Music Makers¬†performed¬†“Get Together” (a 1967 song by the Youngbloods) and¬†“Let It Be” (a 1970 song by The Beatles). The Methodist Music Makers sing and play various musical instruments – they consist of (left to right): Dallas Ecker, Kyle Norton, Kelsey Crawford, Hunter Hering, Lindsay Crawford, Hailey Crawford, and Youth¬†Music Director, Al Capurso.




The Youth Hand Bell Choir¬†performed¬†“Jesus Loves Me”. The Youth Hand Bell choir members include¬†(left to right): Hunter Hering, Lindsay Crawford, Hailey Crawford, Dallas Ecker, and Kyle Norton. Accompanying them in the back row are Steve Crawford (Hailey and Lindsay’s father) and Leslee Lockwood (Kyle’s grandmother). Youth Hand Bell Director is Kae Wilbert.





It is always a joy to have the children participate in our service, but it is especially joyful when they provide such beautiful and meaningful music! Thank you to all the youth and the adults who work with them to bring the Youth Music Ministry together!

Hand Bells

I took some photos of the hand bells during Bell Choir rehearsal, tonight, to satisfy my daily photo challenge. It was so difficult to choose just one for the photo challenge that I felt the need to share them all here!

030216_B is for Bells

This is the one I chose for the photo challenge!






Breast Cancer Walk – Team AFUMC

Each year, the Albion First United Methodist Church puts together a team to walk in the Annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk held at Watts Farm. Here are two photos from this year’s walk – Sunday, October 26, 2014!

** If anyone has more photos of the Albion FUMC team, you can email them to me at and I will be glad to add them to this post!!!



Good job, Ladies!!!

Christmas Cookie Exchange

The ladies in the Prayer Shawl Ministry added a Christmas Cookie Exchange to our monthly knitting session today – Dec 19th. The cookies were amazing……the conversation was fun……and the mission – to knit/crochet shawls and lap robes for people who need a little extra love at certain times in their lives – was a rewarding as ever!



To read a previous post about our Prayer Shawl Ministry, please click here!

Ladies Luncheon – Frieda Lins

The December 2013 Ladies Luncheon was held on the 12th at Frieda Lins in Waterport. Linda has a lovely home and serves a delicious meal! We all had a wonderful time chatting and eating and enjoying a pretty winter day with the sun shining on the snowy landscape! Here are a few photos:








Activities and Events Galore


Let me repeat that……we’re still alive and going strong!!!

Since the word of our recent decisions regarding our current building started to spread, I and other members have heard comments indicating the community is concerned about our missions, services, and accessibility being in jeopardy. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. First, it will be some time before we are at the point where plans are finalized¬†and in the mean time, we’re staying in our current building and continuing with business as usual. Second, when the time comes to move, what we do and offer will move with us and the new location just might open up even more opportunities to serve the community!!!

So…….The message we want to get across to the congregation and community is:

It is Business As Usual at Albion First United Methodist Church!!!

And…….we’re starting to gear up after the summer months and get active! Like most churches and organizations, many of our features and events slowed down over the summer because of vacations and summer activities making it difficult for some people to participate regularly. But, with kids back to school and summer coming to an end, our church family¬†is getting busy!!!

Check out the “Upcoming Events” page to see just how jam packed it is!!!

Scheduled Fundraisers:

  • October 4-5:¬† Fall Rummage Sale
  • October 19:¬† Country Fair
  • November 2:¬† Chiavetta’s Chicken BBQ Dinner

Regular Meetings and Features Resuming This Month:

  • Chancel Choir returns
  • Bell Choir returns
  • TUMS (The United Methodist Seniors) resume monthly lunch meetings
  • Disciple Bible Study (Weds) resumes
  • Bible Study (Thurs) resumes
  • Coffee Hour after Sunday service returns
  • Sunday School for all ages resumes – Theme this year is OWL (Our Wise Lord)
  • Family Night Dinners resume – the first is Sept 14th to kick off the beginning of the Sunday School season

Other Info:

  • We’re holding a brainstorming meeting on Sept 22nd to come up with a list of our “wants” and “needs” in a new location
  • The monthly Ladies Luncheon made our annual trip to The Glen Iris at Letchworth State Park on Sept 10th
  • There will be a Memorial Service for our long time church member, Betty Chapman, on Sept 15th with a reception following the service

And so much more!!!

Come join in the excitement and fun as we move forward and evolve…¬†

…all while embracing our valued traditions!

30 Hour Famine

What do you get when you put twenty-nine¬†teenagers in a church for 30 hours with no food? If the response you just formed in your head was something like “grumpy, complaining, miserable kids”, you’d be dead wrong! Teens from the Albion Holley United Methodist Youth Group, a joint youth group with teens from Albion First United Methodist Church and Holley Disciples United Methodist Church, along with¬†other teens from Albion, Holley, and Elba High Schools did just that this past weekend and it rocked their world! The teens and their adult leaders¬†gathered at Holley Disciples UMC on the morning of Saturday, April 6th and didn’t eat or go home until the afternoon of Sunday, April 7th. You see, they were participating in a very important event – World Vision’s 30-Hour Famine – which allows teens to help over come hunger by going without food so others don’t have to. It is a program designed to increase awareness about the issue of hunger world-wide – including right here in the United States – and to raise funds to help feed and care for children who are less fortunate than those who participated in the program. To date, the group has raised over $900 and gathered food that they delivered to the Holley Food Panty. To put this into context, just $30 will help feed and care for one child for one month through World Vision! The money they raised will be designated to remain in the United States. You can help them raise more by clicking on the link provided at the end of this post – please consider a donation to support the efforts of these amazing young men and women – no donation is too small and any donations will be appreciated and put to good use by World Vision. Or – you can take a food donation to the Holley Food Pantry and tell them it is in honor of the Albion Holley United Methodist Youth Group’s 30-Hour Famine event – I’m sure they will appreciate it and put it to good use, as well!!!

The experience at Holley Disciples UMC:

For these 29 teens, it was an awesome learning experience. They were formed into five teams called “tribes” representing third world countries – Ethiopia, Kenya, Niger, Mali, and Ghana. They competed in teams and, in some cases, individually to earn points doing various activities. The points determined the order they would be able to eat once the 30 hours were over – the winners of two individual challenges won the first and second place spots in line and the members of the team that earned the most points won the next spot in line. Everyone had a number of clothes pins attached to their shirts – whenever they would¬†say the word hunger or hungry, another participant would take a clothes pin¬†from them and add it to their shirt – the person with the most clothes pins at the end of the challenge won the right to be the first one to eat at the meal served after their 30 hours – that winner was Brianna. They also¬†wrote in journals about their experiences and what they learned – the winner of that contest¬†won the right to be second in line to eat – Brianna also won that challenge, so the right to eat second in line went to Callie, the second place journal winner.¬†Some examples of team activities involved role-playing as kids from third world countries so they could put themselves in the shoes of those who feel hungry every day. In one activity, the Water Walk, the teens carried gallon jugs from the church to Clarendon Falls – about 1 mile one way – where they filled the jugs and carried them back to the church. This taught them that there are people who have to walk much further than that to¬†carry a lot more than a gallon of¬†clean water to drink and cook with every day. They also listened to various guest speakers who spoke about missions.

On Sunday morning, the teens lead the worship service at Holley Disciples UMC, which was attended by the joined congregations of both Albion FUMC and Holley Disciples UMC. They performed all parts of the service – reading scriptures, delivering the message, children’s moment,¬†taking up the collection, special music, etc. All parts were focused on sharing what they had learned with the congregation and it was extremely moving and emotional. I can attest that they reached in and touched our hearts with their words and with their heartfelt testimony of the issues of hunger in the world. A very sobering part was when the congregation was asked to remain standing during the¬†delivery of the message.¬†During the message,¬†one teen, Renee – dressed as the grim reaper – walked around the standing congregation and randomly tapped people on the shoulder, allowing them to sit. This represented the fact that every 13 seconds a child dies from hunger somewhere in the world – at the end of the message, we were told to look around and see how many were seated and how FEW were still standing! Another emotional piece was Michael’s solo performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.

The amazing part of the fasting story, in my opinion, is that after not eating all that time, their fast was officially broken during the Sunday worship service¬†when they took the communion bread and cup! Then they continued to not eat until later in the day, at 3:00 pm, when the official 30 hours were completed and they feasted on a much anticipated meal of tacos. ūüôā


Group Shot – with their jugs for the Water Walk:


Working on their Journals in the sanctuary:







Preparing for their Water Walk – one mile one way – from the church to Clarendon Falls:




The walk – on the way to the falls:


Gathering water at the falls and stream:




And the return walk carrying full jugs of water:


Children’s Moment during the worship service – sharing some of what they learned about hunger with the children:


The Grim Reaper tapping random members of the congregation to represent the fact that a child dies of hunger every 13 seconds:


Michael singing “Hallelujah”:


I hope after reading this that you are as impressed with this group of teens as I was……they got a lot out of their experience and did an awesome job of sharing what they learned with the congregation! Congratulations and thanks go out to each and every one of them!


To donate to this group’s efforts:

Click HERE to access the 30-Hour Famine website

then click on the DONATE button at the top right corner of the page

then search for the team name: Disciples United Methodist Church

To learn more about the 30-Hour Famine Program and how your organization can participate:

Click HERE

To learn more about World Vision:

Click HERE