Activities and Events Galore


Let me repeat that……we’re still alive and going strong!!!

Since the word of our recent decisions regarding our current building started to spread, I and other members have heard comments indicating the community is concerned about our missions, services, and accessibility being in jeopardy. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. First, it will be some time before we are at the point where plans are finalized and in the mean time, we’re staying in our current building and continuing with business as usual. Second, when the time comes to move, what we do and offer will move with us and the new location just might open up even more opportunities to serve the community!!!

So…….The message we want to get across to the congregation and community is:

It is Business As Usual at Albion First United Methodist Church!!!

And…….we’re starting to gear up after the summer months and get active! Like most churches and organizations, many of our features and events slowed down over the summer because of vacations and summer activities making it difficult for some people to participate regularly. But, with kids back to school and summer coming to an end, our church family is getting busy!!!

Check out the “Upcoming Events” page to see just how jam packed it is!!!

Scheduled Fundraisers:

  • October 4-5:  Fall Rummage Sale
  • October 19:  Country Fair
  • November 2:  Chiavetta’s Chicken BBQ Dinner

Regular Meetings and Features Resuming This Month:

  • Chancel Choir returns
  • Bell Choir returns
  • TUMS (The United Methodist Seniors) resume monthly lunch meetings
  • Disciple Bible Study (Weds) resumes
  • Bible Study (Thurs) resumes
  • Coffee Hour after Sunday service returns
  • Sunday School for all ages resumes – Theme this year is OWL (Our Wise Lord)
  • Family Night Dinners resume – the first is Sept 14th to kick off the beginning of the Sunday School season

Other Info:

  • We’re holding a brainstorming meeting on Sept 22nd to come up with a list of our “wants” and “needs” in a new location
  • The monthly Ladies Luncheon made our annual trip to The Glen Iris at Letchworth State Park on Sept 10th
  • There will be a Memorial Service for our long time church member, Betty Chapman, on Sept 15th with a reception following the service

And so much more!!!

Come join in the excitement and fun as we move forward and evolve… 

…all while embracing our valued traditions!


Let’s Eat!

I have come to the realization that Methodists love to eat and that if I go hungry in this church, it is my own darned fault!  In the past few months, I have attended (to the best of my recollection) five dinners, eight luncheons, and had some sort of cookie, cake, or other snack every Sunday morning during Coffee Hour after worship services.  That’s a lot of food!  And there have been some that I’ve missed or had a conflict and couldn’t attend.  I’d like to highlight the two most recent events – both within the past couple of days.

First:  Sunday, the 18th, was Consecration Sunday, so of course we had a celebration after worship services.  The celebration consisted of a pot luck lunch with an amazing variety of food to choose from and a delicious cake baked by Laurie Cole (which, by the way, was decorated the photo I took of the Good Shepherd window seen in a previous post on this blog).  I do believe this was the best pot luck lunch that I’ve attended, so far – it by far had the most food, biggest selection, and largest number of attendees.  It really was a great meal and fellowship.  And I suppose it goes without saying that I didn’t need to eat any dinner later that evening — boy, was I stuffed!!!  Here are some photos of the Consecration Sunday Pot Luck Lunch:

Beautiful cake baked by Laurie Cole

Taken as the food was being set out — I should have waited or taken another one after they were done!  This ended up being about 1/2 or less of what ended up on the table!

Folks enjoying their meal and more fixing their plates at the serving line.  A great time had by all.

The second event was Monday, the 19th.  Every year for the November monthly lunch meeting, The United Methodist Seniors (TUMS) group has a Thanksgiving meal at the church.  This year as it was being planned, it was not known whether or not the proposed construction plans would make it difficult to have the meal at the church, so the organizers looked for an alternate location and reached out to the West Barre United Methodist Church.  This turned out to be the perfect choice.  Approximately 32 members attended and had an amazing meal.  I have never been to the West Barre UMC and was delighted to see the quaint country church located on Eagle Harbor Road in Barre.  The room we were seated in was lovely and inviting with a beautiful stained glass window and dedicated pew doors along the walls.  I took the liberty to go into the sanctuary and found a beautiful old-fashioned room that made me want to sit and enjoy some quiet time – but, instead, I went back in to join the group.  The West Barre ladies had the room set up with beautiful table cloths, cloth napkins, lovely place settings, and a beverage table with punch, coffee and tea.  Once we were seated, they began a family style service of all the traditional Thanksgiving foods.  If I didn’t know better, I would have thought I was a child, again, at my Grandma’s house for a family Thanksgiving gathering!!!  Then came the dessert — pie — all kinds of pie!  I had the Lemon Merengue and, man, was it good!!!!  We had several November birthdays to celebrate, including Lucy Stoddard who proudly said she turned 90 this month!  We were all very appreciative of the food, service and gracious hospitality of the ladies of the West Barre UMC – it was a perfect day and gave us a lot to be thankful for.  Here are some photos I took of the day:

West Barre United Methodist Church

The room we were served in

A better shot of the stunning stained glass window

Members of the Albion TUMS group enjoying a delicious meal in a lovely country church setting — I didn’t realize I didn’t get everyone in the shot from this angle

So, as you can see…..there are a lot of opportunities for good food and fellowship with the folks at Albion First United Methodist Church!