How To…

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Want to comment on a post, but not sure how?

  • Click on the conversation cloud beside the title of the post you wish to comment on
  • OR – click on the title of the post to open it up into a new window
  • Scroll to the end of the post to find a “Please leave a comment” box
  • Type in your comment
  • You will be asked for your name, email address, and web site – you do NOT need to enter any info here – it is totally optional
  • If you don’t type in any info, your comment will be posted as “anonymous”
  • It would be nice if you, at minimum, enter your first name only or first and last name so that I and others can see who commented, but that is up to you
  • When you’re ready to post your comment, hit the “Post comment” button and you are done!

Want to “Follow” this blog and be notified via email when a new article is posted?

  • Click on the “Follow Me” button on the right hand side
  • Follow the instructions to become a follower

Looking for a specific post?

  • On the right hand side of the page, there are three sections that will help you find a specific post:
  • RECENT POSTS – the last 15 post titles will appear there – click on the one you want and it will open to be read
  • CATEGORIES – if you want to find all posts associated with a particular category, click on the category of choice and all posts that were tagged in that category will appear – scan through them to read all posts in that category. NOTE: only so many will show on the page. If there are more, when you get to the last one, there will be a button for “older posts” – click it and others will show up
  • ARCHIVES – if you want to find all articles posted in a particular month, click the drop box and select the month you are looking for – all articles posted in that month will appear – follow same directions to scan those shown and older posts as listed under “Categories” above
  • To get back to the main page, click on the “Home” button (house icon) located on the banner just under the photo of the Good Shepherd window

What is the banner under the Home Page Photo?

  • The buttons on the banner under the Good Shepherd window takes you to the other pages on the blog
  • Home – house icon – the home page where the articles are posted
  • About the Blogger – the page that has a short bio on me
  • About the Church – the page that has some general info on the church, including contact info and service schedule
  • How To… – the page that provides instructions on how to navigate the blog site
  • Whenever you are on a page other than the home page, you will still have access to the page banner and the link listing on the right hand side of the page
  • Just click on the “Home” button (house icon) from any page to return to the main page
  • Each page has a section to post comments, which are always welcome!

What if someone posts an inappropriate comment?

  • While I encourage and want comments, suggestions, and questions related to this blog, any article on this blog, or the church in general, I do monitor all comments and will delete any inappropriate or spam related comments that I find

If you have other questions you’d like to see answered on this page, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to provide the info you need to get the most out of this blog site!


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