Welcome Pastor Linda

Today – Sunday, July 3, 2016 – we welcomed our new pastor to our church family. Pastor Linda Glantz began her appointment with the Albion First United Methodist Church with her first Sunday morning service with us.

Pastor Linda

As part of the service, we held a “Celebration of Appointment” to show our support for her leadership. Here are a few photos of the celebration:


Kim Pritt leads the “Celebration of Appointment” and introduction of Pastor Linda


Pastor Linda reaffirms her commitment to the Word of God in her new church


Rachel Marasco, Judy Manley, and Marie Follett await their turn to offer symbolic gifts to help Pastor Linda in her ministry to our congregation


Terry Wilbert, Leslee Lockwood, and Sandy Andrews also bear symbolic gifts


Judy Manley offers a Bible


Rachel Marasco offers Water to be used to baptize new Christians in this place


Pastor Linda places the Bread and Cup on the table after accepting it from Sandy Andrews


Terry Wilbert offers a Towel and Basin so that she may lead us to be servants to all


Marie Follett offers a Hymnal and Book of Worship to guide us in our prayer and praise


Pastor Linda accepted the Book of Discipline from Leslee Lockwood


Rachel Marasco offers the final gift – a Globe so that she may lead us in our mission to this community and all the world


The congregation joined in a prayer to bless the ministries of the Church


A final blessing is given with each participant laying their hands on Linda to bless her service to our church family


Welcome, Pastor Linda! We wish you well and pray for a smooth transition and a blessed appointment as our Pastor.


2016 Children’s Day Service

Each year, the Children put on a program during the service marking the end of the Sunday School season. Today was that day for 2016. Here are some photos from their program:

The Youth Handbell Choir played Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty


The Methodist Music Makers sang Kumbaya featuring Hailey Crawford on the flute and There is Love



The message was in the form of a skit called The Heavenly Express, written by Sharon Kay Chatwell. The Sunday School students acted out the skit about how you get to heaven on the Heavenly Express. It was a cute story and they all did a very nice job!


Kyle Norton and Dallas Ecker served as narrators of the story while they sat on a bench waiting for the train


Lindsay Crawford was the ticket lady


Kay Ecker stopped by with her ticket, ready to board


Hunter Hering and Hailey Crawford talk about how they can get a ticket


And, here they are ready to get their tickets


Steve and Tiffany Crawford and Hunter Hering are a family discussing how the Heavenly Express isn’t something they may get to ride on as a family – some may go ahead of the others


And…..Kelsey Crawford played the Conductor – blowing the whistle and declaring “All Aboard!”

Other highlights of the service were the hymns that focused on relationship between children and God: Jesus Loves Me, Tell Me The Stories of Jesus, and This Little Light of Mine.

2016 Native American Sunday Service

Each year, the First United Methodist Church picks a Sunday to celebrate Native American Sunday. This year, that special day of worship was held on May 22nd. Here are some photos from the service:


Kae Wilbert talks about the meaning of symbols in the Native American culture with some of our youth during the Children’s Moment


Kae works with the Committee on Native American Ministries (CONAM) and coordinates our annual day of Native American worship. During the service, Kae provided a report on the activities of CONAM and offered the sermon.


Kay Ecker led the Proclamation and read the Epistle Lesson


Leah Gibbs offered the Closing Prayer


In this photo, Pastor Jack is offering the Benediction and led us in our closing Praise Song


Kae Wilbert and Leah Gibbs after the service

Other features of the worship service that I was not able to get photos of include:

  • Dallas Ecker led the Opening Prayer
  • Melanie Norton led the Prayer of the Faithful
  • The Chancel Choir provided the Choral Prelude in traditional Native American language, “Heleyuyan“, led by Kae Wilbert with traditional Native American instrumentation
  • The Chancel Choir sang two traditional Kiowa songs for the Anthem: “Ah-ho Dawk’ee (God, I Thank You)” and “Dawk’yah towgyah thawy baht-awm (Take the Saving Word of God)“, again, led by Kae with traditional Native American instrumentation
  • Recordings of “Creator’s Song” by Joanne Shenandoah was played as the Prelude and “The Lord’s Prayer” sung in the Mohawk language during the Offeratory

It was a lovely service. Thank you to Kae for organizing it and for helping the Chancel Choir learn the songs we sang in the Kiowa language. It is always an interesting and meaningful service and I look forward to next year!

Mother’s Day Performance – May 8, 2016

During today’s Mother’s Day worship service, the Methodist Music Makers and the Youth Hand Bell Choir performed three wonderful songs for us! Great job by the youth of our congregation……we all enjoyed their music very much!

The Methodist Music Makers performed “Get Together” (a 1967 song by the Youngbloods) and “Let It Be” (a 1970 song by The Beatles). The Methodist Music Makers sing and play various musical instruments – they consist of (left to right): Dallas Ecker, Kyle Norton, Kelsey Crawford, Hunter Hering, Lindsay Crawford, Hailey Crawford, and Youth Music Director, Al Capurso.




The Youth Hand Bell Choir performed “Jesus Loves Me”. The Youth Hand Bell choir members include (left to right): Hunter Hering, Lindsay Crawford, Hailey Crawford, Dallas Ecker, and Kyle Norton. Accompanying them in the back row are Steve Crawford (Hailey and Lindsay’s father) and Leslee Lockwood (Kyle’s grandmother). Youth Hand Bell Director is Kae Wilbert.





It is always a joy to have the children participate in our service, but it is especially joyful when they provide such beautiful and meaningful music! Thank you to all the youth and the adults who work with them to bring the Youth Music Ministry together!

Hunter Hering – First Time Acolyte

This morning during the Albion First United Methodist worship service for the 5th Sunday in Lent, Hunter Hering performed the Acolyte duties for the first time. Hunter recently began attending services with our congregation and enjoys being a part of the service collecting the noisy can offering, participating in the Children’s Moments, joining the Methodist Music Makers Children’s Choir, and now serving as an Acolyte. Please welcome Hunter to our congregation…..good job, Hunter!









Hand Bells

I took some photos of the hand bells during Bell Choir rehearsal, tonight, to satisfy my daily photo challenge. It was so difficult to choose just one for the photo challenge that I felt the need to share them all here!

030216_B is for Bells

This is the one I chose for the photo challenge!






2016 Lasagna Dinner

Despite the bad weather, the Albion FUMC 2016 Annual Lasagna Dinner on Feb 13th was a success and met with rave reviews from those who braved the weather to come out to eat!


Pastor Jack and Debbie Laskowski


Rachel Marasco




Rachel Marasco and Marie Follett


The lasagna – bubbling hot and fresh from the oven




Renee Ebbs


Just a few of the happy diners!

Christmas Eve Service

Please join us for our annual

Candlelight Service of Holy Communion

Thursday, December 24th

Prelude of Carols: 10:45 PM

Service: 11:00 PM

Everyone is Welcome!

Join us at our new home:

Christ Episcopal Church

26 S. Main Street, Albion, NY

2015 Children’s Christmas Program

This morning – Sunday, December 13th – we lit the Advent candle representing JOY! What better way to bring joy to the congregation than to have our annual Children’s Christmas Program. So, this morning, the children of the congregation led the worship service and provided joyful music as a way to celebrate this third Sunday of Advent.

Here are some photos:


Callee Norton read the prayer for the lighting of the Advent candle of JOY

Kyle Norton and Dallas Ecker lit the Advent candles (the way they stood while doing this prevented me from getting a photo)


Callee also delivered the message – “The Perfect Gift”, by Sandra Wood


Dallas Ecker read the Gospel Lesson

Dallas also led the Prayer of Confession and Kyle Norton led the Call to Worship


Hailey and Lindsay Crawford read the story of “Caroling”, by Susan Farr-Fahncke


Hailey Crawford (on flute) and Dallas Ecker (on trumpet) played “O, Come All Ye Faithful”


The Methodist Music Makers sang “Away in a Manger” and “Silent Night”

(left to right): Dallas Ecker, Kyle Norton, Kelsey Crawford, Hailey Crawford, and Al Capurso

Also in the group is Lindsay Crawford, who can not be seen from this angle


The Methodist Music Makers

(front) – Kelsey Crawford

(left to right) – Dallas Ecker, Kyle Norton, Hailey Crawford, and Lindsay Crawford

(back) – Al Capurso, FUMC Children’s Music Director

All of the children did an awesome job! We are so proud of our youth and how they contribute to the congregation.

Merry Christmas!!!

Join us for our special Christmas Eve Worship Service – the first in our new home at the Christ Episcopal Church – on Thursday, December 24th at 11:00 PM.